1870 - 1939

Old UFO photographs; 1870 - 1939.

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Winter, 1870  -  Mount Washington, New Hampshire, USA
 North America UFO.

1910  -  France
Central Europe ovni - UFO. 

1920  -  USA
Old UFO photograph from North America - US.

1927  -  Cave Junction, Oregon, US
1920's UFO picture from USA.

April, 1929  -  Ward, Colorado, USA
UFO on postcard photo from America - Colorado.

Summer, 1932  -  St. Paris, Ohio, USA
Old UFO picture - Man on the photo, car behind, UFO in the sky.

1937  -  Vancouver, BC, Canada
Mass Effect UFO craft taken in 1930's over Canada - North America.

January 1, 1939  -  Organ Cave, West Virginia, USA



Anonymous said...

The 1937 Vancouver,BC,Canada photo is most likely a fake. I remember this scene from the original Flash Gordon series of the 1930's.

Anonymous said...

la primera foto es una cinta metrica tirada en el hielo es un hecho comprobado.

Anonymous said...

WoW! I didn't realize that there were so many old,old photos of UFO's..and they do look real. I'm still searching the skies both day and night waiting for a really good close sighting,and hoe to have some way of capturing it on film,moving preferably. So far only a handful of strange sightings to claim above the Fresno,Ca skies. better than nothing I guess. I'll keep looking for them. But,I looking more foward to seeing our saviour Jesus Christ coming to take us believers home to God's kingdom. Hope you all are waiting also,and believing in Christ for salvation and peace in this life. Bless all. Keep looking up regardless of your true belief. Peace..Lee In Fresno

Anonymous said...

1927 Cave junction Summer 1932 Saint Paris Ohio and 1937 Vancouver: the ufos all look handdrawn.

Anonymous said...

harder to hoax back then

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