Old UFO photographs; 1960's (1967-1969).

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 January 1, 1967  -  Mahwah, New Jersey, USA
Fake plane UFO over New Jersey, North America, US in 60s. ovni

January 9, 1967  -  Lake St. Clair, Michigan, USA
Old photo footage of Silver disc-shaped UFO object - B&W photograph.

January 13, 1967  -  Westover AFB, Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA
Two unknown strange lights  in the sky over airport, MA - America. ovni pics.

January 24, 1967  -  Yorba, Linda, CA- California, US
Amazing weird black and white UFO photo - picture from north America, USA - Ca.

January 25, 1967  -  Hampton, Virginia, USA
Metallic silver disc-shaped UFO unknown object - flying saucer - ovni photo.

 February 6, 1967  -  Zanesville, Ohio, USA
BW photograph of Metallic silver disc shaped UFO object over Ohio - ovni ozn.

March 1967  -  Huaylas Valley, near Yungay, Peru
 Old picture footage of silver metallic flying soucer UFO over Peru in '67- ovni.

March, 1967  -  Yungay, Peru
foto antigua de plata metálica platillo volador OVNI sobre Perú de yyear 67

March 10, 1967  -  Junauska, North Carolina, USA
Metallic silver color disc UFO  sighting over Carolina, north America in 60's.

March 11, 1967  -  Torrance, California, USA
Old photograph footage of Flying saucer over California in 60s - ovni pics.

 March 12, 1967  -  Las Cruces, New Mexico, US
ufo bola metálica sobre Nuevo México, EE.UU. Big silver metallic ball UFO NM, US.

March 17, 1967  -  Lexington, Missouri, US
Big metallic UFO Flying saucer over Missouri, north America sightings. Old photo footage.

April 5, 1967  -  Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA
Strange weird metallic object. History of UFO sightings in 20th century. ovni. nlo.

June 10, 1967  -  Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA
Old UFO black and white photographs - photos from America.

 June 15, 1967  -  Landers, California, USA
 UFO anomaly over observatory Landers in California in 60s - '67. ovni America.

June 27, 1967  -  Wichita, Kansas, USA
Unknown unidentified flying object over Kansas, US - States in Sixties

July 3, 1967  -  Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Old photo photograph of Metallic UFO object over Canada in Sixties

July 3, 1967  -  Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA
Cigar Cylinder shaped UFO object over Rhode Islands, US, north America

  July 7, 1967  -  San Luis Obispo, California, USA
White metallic object UFO over CA California US states. old pics picture of UFO.

September 20, 1967  -  Ohio, USA 
UFO ovni Flying saucer over Ohio, US north America. Silver metallic object. old footage.

October 22, 1967  -  Milledgeville, Georgia, USA 
Old Black & white UFO sighting photo photograph from US north America.

February 13, 1968  -  Venezuela
UFO like eye-shaped. ojo en forma de los avistamientos de Venezuela

August 18, 1968  -  Cluj, Romania 
disc metalic în formă de OZN-obiect de peste România. silver metallic UFO.

December 6, 1968  -  Sicuani, Peru
tres objetos OVNI sobre Perú. three UFOs over Peru in Sixties - '67 

1969  -  San Jose, Argentina
ufo disco blanco sobre Argentina. Old BW photo of white disc UFO over latin America.

August 25, 1969  -  Poiesti, Romania
Disc shaped UFO photograph from 60's photo, pics, images, pictures, ovni.

December 30, 1969  -  1:30-pm, location unknown
color UFO photograph amazing strange weird anomaly in forrest.
1965-1966  //  1970-1974

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