Old UFO photographs; 1940's.

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 1942  -  Tiensten, Hopeh Province, China
UFOs in communism. 飞碟在中国. 

  1942  -  Europe - FooFighters
UFOs in World War 2. Nazi ovni sightings in 1940s. 

February 25, 1942  -  Los Angeles, California, USA
Old UFO photos from north America. Ovni - UFO attack

October 29, 1942  -  Washington DC, US
Old UFO sighting footage from US capitol city. Nazi world war II sightings.

1943  -  Japanese Sea, Japan
日本海上で次世界大戦2 UFOの目撃情報. UFO near plane in WW2.

1944  -  UFO over England
UFO sightings photos in the history of UK. WWII UFO footage reports.

June, 1945  -  Burbank, California, USA

1947  -  Scotland, UK
Silver metallic UFO over Scotland, England in 1940's. Ovni footage.

1947  -  Czaplinek - Pologne, Poland
UFO nad Polska po II wojnie światowej. Ovni picture photograph.

July 4, 1947  -  Washington, US
Strange amazing UFO footage from north America in year 1947.  

July 7, 1947  -  William Rhodes of Phoenix, Arizona, USA
B&W photo of weird object in the sky over Phoenix. Ovni-UFO

July 9, 1947  -  Catalina Island, CA- California, USA
Strange disc-shaped light over beach in '47. American history ovnis.
July 10, 1947  -  Morristown, NJ- New Jersey, USA
Strange Lights in the sky over Morristown. UFO Sightings in 19th century.

1948  -  Anchorage, Alaska, US
old snowy UFO-ovni footage pics-photos. History of ufo sightings.

1949  -  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


James McDonnel said...

June, 1945 - Burbank, California, USA

looks like the space shuttle from behind.

Anonymous said...

Some of these look like the Haunebu during test flight.

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