Old UFO photographs; 1950's (1950-1952). 

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1950  -  San Bernardino, CA- California, US
Black and white photo of UFO in north America in 1950s

1950  -  Majorque, Spain
Avistamiento de ovnis en España en 1950. UFO in middle 1900s. nlp

March 20, 1950  -  New York City, New York, USA
Old UFO photo - pictures from America. Cylinder or cigar shaped object.

April 23, 1950  -  Redbud, Illinois, US
Disc-shaped unknown flying object UFO in nort America Illinois.

May 11, 1950  -  McMinnville, Oregon, USA
Old B&W UFO photographs from Oregon US. Ovni avvistamento.

mid 1950 - Yokohama, Japan
1950年に横浜は日本でUFOの目撃情報. ufo-ovni

August 31, 1951  -  Lubbock, Texas, USA
V-shaped UFO object photographed over Texas  in 1950. ovni

November 23, 1951  -  Riverside, California, USA
Metallic disc-shaped object ufo unknown. Flying saoucer. 

1952  -  Washington, D.C
Lights in the sky over Washington DC in year '52. American history

1952  -  Over North Korea
UFO가 비행기를 가까이에서 북쪽으로 한국의 하늘. UFO near plane - Korea '52

May 7, 1952  -  Barra da Tijuca, Brazil
OVNI sobre Brasil en mayo 1952. Disc shaped metallic object over brazil. nlo.

May 7, 1952  -  Barra da Tijuca, Brazil

July 16, 1952  -  Salem, Massachusetts, USA
Lights in the sky in triangle V-formation in 1952. ovni triangolare. old pic.

July 18, 1952  -  Lac Chauvet, France
ufo over france sky in july 52. Disc-shaped UFO in France.

July 18, 1952  -  Puerto Maldonado, Peru
Ovni- en forma de disco ufo Silve el Perú en 1952. Disc shaped silver UFO over Peru.

July 29, 1952  -  Passaic, New Jersey, USA
Silver Disc-shaped UFO over New Jersey in '52. ozn. nlp. ovni

July 31, 1952  -  Passoria, New Jersey, USA
Amazing old UFO sighting over north America. Photograph.
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Anonymous said...

All human secret science, in case the world becomes inhabitable, they will be the vehicle's to bring us to a journey to other planets. It is not us who will be arriving, but our great, great great 1000X grandchildren, and the earth will be just on archives.........

Anonymous said...

Oops -- I got that wrong. It was July 31. But they are both of the same group taken in Passaic, not Passoria. (Which doesn't exist -- search for Passoria and you'll find only references to this case. Evidently this error creeped in long ago.)

Urban Mami said...

That last photo, dated July 31 should read Passaic, not Passoria. Passoria doesnt exist. https://scontent-ord1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtp1/v/t1.0-9/9296_10152776312542504_597130381886062651_n.jpg?oh=705eeb29e0d78a503a1a5ef900673e2b&oe=5624F62E

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