1970 - 1972

Old UFO photographs; 1970's (1970-1972).

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1970s  -  Belotic, Yugoslavia
NLO, NLP black and white photograph, photo from Balkan in 70's. Picture.

1970s -  Bremerton, Washington - WA, USA

Old UFO photos and footage from north America, The States ovni pictures. Amazing 70's
1970 - Japan
UFOの全国60の. Old UFO photos online from Asia, Japan. Ovni proofs and evidences.

1970 - Tagish Lake, Yukon, Canada
Old UFO ovni photograph taken in north America - caught on tape in 70s. OZN aliens footage.

September 6, 1970 - Parana, Argentina
Antiguo ovni foto caught on camera black and white picture of UFO old. Footage from 70's

1971 - Apollo 14, Moon
Old UFO nasa photos from Moon. Conspiracy theory, space pictures ovni UFO
1971 - Apollo 15, Moon
ASA's UFO photos from Moon. Aliens in space conpsiracy. Old ovni pics.

February 12, 1971  -  North Corsica Island, France
Février 1971 Haute Corse, France ovni. Old UFO photo taken in 70s in Europe

April 17, 1971 - Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA
Old UFO photographs of bright ring hovering in the sky in northern America, The States

May 6, 1971 - Skillingaaryd, Sweden
Gamla foton OZN. Old UFO pictures taken in 20th century. B&W - Black and white

May 20, 1971 - Bogota, Colombia
durante el día OVNI foto. Old daytime daylight UFO photograph photo, picture real!

May 23, 2010 - St. Lorenzen, Styria, Austria
Real Old UFO photograph caught on camera. Daytime, Daylight proof, strane.

July 11, 1971 - Floridad, Uruguay
Old daytime UFO photo. Metallic silver disc-shaped unknown object

September 4, 1971 - Lago de Cote, Costa Rica
Strange unknown disc-shaped metallic object flying over south America.

1972 - Devon, England
Old UFO photograpf od unknown disc flying in the sky over UK

1972 - Apolli 16, Moon
Old UFO photo taken on Moon in Space - NASA reports, proofs.

1972 - Quebec, Canada
Old daylight black and white picture, photo of UFO hovering disc

April 20, 1972 - NASA Apollo 16, Lunar Surface, Moon
Old UFO photograph from space. Amazing weird unknown object taken

September 16, 1972 - Herault, France
black dark disc-shaped UFO object hovering in EU Europe photo

September 24, 1972 - Las Lunas Nouveau, Mexico
Silver metallic disc-shaped UFO object hovering in south America picture

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