Old UFO photographs; 1960's (1960-1964). 

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1960  -  Cordoba, Argentina
ovni- ufo objeto negro desconocido en la Argentina. Black UFO in south America.

1960  -  Taipei, China
中國飛碟多盤. Disc shaped silver ufo over China in 60s. ovni.

September 26, 1960  -  Italy
3 Disc-shaped UFOs over Italy in '60. Black and white photos. ovni Italia.

October 20, 1960  -  Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Bright orb over Minneapolis in 69s. old Picture- Photograph of ovni. nlo.

1961  -  Pescara, Italy
Strange UFO over Italy in '61. Ovni nell' Italia. History of UFO sightings.

1961  -  Saskatchewan, Canada
Silver Flying saucer over Canada. Disc-shaped ovni in north America.

1961  -  Taiwan
Amazing old b&w UFO photo - photograph from Taiwan - Asia. ovni. nlp. ozn.

March 11, 1961  -  Japan
日本上空の卵形のUFOの. Egg-shaped UFO over Japan. old pictures. image. photo. ovni

February 12, 1962  -  Milan, Italy 
Soucer shaped UFO over Italy in'62.  Piattino a forma di UFO ovni in Italia in'62.

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1963  -  Northcliff, South Africa
Strange UFO over Africa in '63. ovni. Old UFO footage - photographs. Nlo - ozn.

June 16, 1963  -  Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
Nazi-UFO over North America, USA. ovni in New Mexico '63. nlo. Crash

 1964  -  United States
Color photo - photograph of UFO over United States US in year '64. Old oni UFO pics.

March 8, 1964  -  Oberwesel, Germany
 Foto von unbekanntes Flugobjekt über Deutschland. Old UFO picture from Germany.

July 3, 1964  -  near New Delhi, India
Silver disc-shaped UFO over India, New Delhi. Old photographs from 60's


Unknown said...

omg . . .

Anonymous said...

March 8, 1964 - Oberwesel, Germany : HOW THEY DO LAND ????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that all these were taken before photo shop.

Anonymous said...

Funny how UFO's looked like predictions of futuristic technology.. when they actually look shit and no alien in their right mind would ride in one of these!

Anonymous said...

June 1963, Albuquerque NM and the pic right below it, 1964 United States, are the same picture.

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