Old UFO photographs; 1960's (1960-1965). 

1960  -  Cordoba, Argentina

September 26, 1960  -  Italy

March 11, 1961  -  Japan

February 12, 1962  -  Milan, Italy 

1963  -  Northcliff, South Africa

1964  -  United States

July 17, 1965  -  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Summer, 1965  -  Adelaide, Australia

August 2, 1965  -  Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

August 3, 1965  -  Santa Ana, California, USA

November 9, 1965  -  Manhattan, New York, USA

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Anonymous said...

These are obviously fake photo's. These are holly-wood details of what a UFO would look like in close detail. The typical circular vehicle with no wings. not to mention to size. Why should something like that be the size of our standards? And the fact that these type's of vehicles with nothing actually propelling it is impossible. Anti gravity only resides in negative mass... Which explodes on contact with physical matter.... Air is considered physical matter. just saying.

Anonymous said...

Anti matter explodes with contact with matter. Not anti gravity. Some of these pictures were taken before, or in countries before special effects were possible.

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