Old UFO photographs; 1980's. 
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1980  -  Levittown, Puerto Rico

January, 1980  -  Tucuman province, Argentina

June 4, 1980  -  Location unknown 

October 8, 1981,  Kelsey Bay, Vancouver Island,Canada

1982 or 1983  -  East Germany

9 May 1984, 8.15 p.m

1985  -  Tepoztlan, Mexico

May 26, 1987  -  Waterbury, CT- Connecticut, USA

1988  -  Ondrejov Observatory, ex-Czechoslovakia

May 9, 1988  -  Puerto Rico

1989  -  Dalnegorsk, Russia

1989  -  Moscow, Russia

1989  -  Vidnoye, Russia

March 10, 1989  -  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Anonymous said...

^-.-^ Woof!

Anonymous said...

HemroidszZz!!! GO HOME!

Anonymous said...

I saw one in 1986 about 20 ft. off the ground and about a 50 ft. from me, Never will forget it!!!

Anonymous said...

marco ,netherlands ; good to see .

Anonymous said...

i saw in the netherlands a ufo its turn very fast and stops en go .the year 1993

Anonymous said...

I cannot remember the year, but know it was in the 1980's. A friend and I were driving south-bound on Interstate 95 in the Milford section. I noticed a set of colored lights which were round ball shape, in a large circular pattern. The color of the lights changed and then it was gone. Both my friend and myself did see this and it looked much like the photo posted above taking in Waterbury CT. The time of day was around 8-9pm as we were returning from dinner. I wish I could remember the year but know for sure it was in the 1980's.

Anonymous said...

My name is Carlin and I was in Waterbury 1987. I never forget that night was crazy

Anonymous said...

I was in Waterbury 1987

Anonymous said...

If you mean May 1987, I saw it too. I saw it in 1985. Low to the ground and short distance away as well. Tilted towards me. The lights, how ever, where strobing counter clockwise. Also made a low pitch humming sound. An event that I will never forget.

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